Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Largest Airplane In The World

The Biggest plane in the world is An-225 Mriya (Dream) NATO reporting name: Cossack. It's transport plane of the superbig load-carrying capacity. At present is the greatest, heavy and load-lifting plane in the world.'

Necessity of creation of aviation transport system for the project of a reusable spaceship "Boorun" (Snow-storm) was the reason of construction An-225.
At present An-225 is the heaviest and load-lifting plane, when or rising in air. The unique plane surpassing An-225 on wingspan, it Hughes H-4 Hercules which rose in air only once.
It is developed in a bureau of O.K.Antonova (Kiev, Ukraine).

Once I saw this plane when it did a turn, the angle was huge, speed was slow, looks like it will fall, it's very big plane, it's true =)

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