Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everclear - strongest alcoholic drink in the world

Everclear - strongest alcoholic drink in the world
Everclear is considered the strongest alcoholic drink. Everclear is grain alcohol, at concentrations 95 % alcohols (190 proofs) and 75.5 % (151 proof).
Everclear is made by Luxco. For comparison, vodka in general contain 40 % alcohol (80 proofs), But it's effective knockouter =) Imagine what will do with you Everclear.
Everclear - strongest alcoholic drink in the world
Everclear (190 proofs version) is illegal in more than 10 states. For them there is a special 151 proof a variant (75.5 %) to comply with the state low. Advantage of Everclear that it does not contain much sugar and impurity, it may make drinkers less vulnerable to hangover, if you have some kind of diet, Everclear it is what you need =)). Everclear is rarely consumed in the pure state and almost always used in cocktails.

I do not know Everclear good or bad, but i know exactly ... it's will be funny =)


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