Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cheapest pistol in the world - Liberator

WW II strange pistol
Cheapest pistol in the world - Liberator. It was created in 1942 for Resistance Movement (civilian population in the occupied territories). This pistol was created to get arms ( you kill soldier and took his weapon), as well as for other purposes.

A primitive, single-loaded pistol developed for the rapid and massive manufacturing and was extremely cheap to manufacture. This is unique weapon, which manufactured faster than reload (every 6.6 seconds was making a new one). Loading takes approximately 10 seconds. (Some sources claim that the average rate of one gun was 7.5 seconds).
Cheapest pistol - Liberator
These pistols were produced by General Motors , you think that company produced cars, etc. but this company knew perfectly interpreted in stamping details, and that was necessary for the manufacture this gun. Each gun costs for U.S. government $ 1.75 (some sources claim $ 2.15).
World's cheapest pistol - Liberator
Weapon were dropped by aircraft in thousands on the occupied zone. To weapon’s kit which droped for resistance movement included:
(a) Gun FP45 Liberator;
(b) 10 bullets in;
(c) Manual instruction
(d) Stick-cleaning rod for pushing the bullet.
Cheapest pistol - Liberator The extra bullets could deposited in pistol. Due to the smooth barrel , the maximum range of aiming was less than 8 meters (In fact, approximately 3 meters). Gun had a weight 445g without bullets , length 141 mm and barrel’s length 102 mm.
During the years of war was produced more than 1 million units, will give just an example over its production were working 300 workers, each 6.6s. (some sources - 7 seconds) was created a new unit, its production was 24 hours per day, for 7 days, for 11 months. Most "Liberators" were destroyed after the war (they simply was dumped into the sea by British)


  1. from your posts, i conclude that you are czech.

  2. This will be the only gun legal in the US thanks to Obama.

  3. i have 3 of these weapons if anyone is interested
    one in ok shape missing bottom plate
    one great shape all part present
    one still in cardboard box with ammo cleaning rod and 9rds of ammo dont know what happened to 10th rd prices $1200-$2000-$3500

  4. prices $1200-$2000-$3500... omg, not so cheap =)))


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