Sunday, August 10, 2008

Queen Mary 2 - Largest Ship in the world

Weighs 150 thousand tons, it’s more than thousand blue whales. The ship length as four football fields.

Total on liner board are forty-two wireless internet access point. Ship network area based on network technologies Cisco, servers and workstations, Dell and IBM solutions for retail outlets. Computer system includes 26 ship stations Dell based on Intel Xeon.

Queen Mary 2 moves by four powerful electric engines "Mermaid". Using engines "Mermaid" allowed to renounce the propeller shaft, that’s why are reduce noise and vibration level. Together engines "Mermaid" are up 85 megawatt power complex in the 157 thousand horsepowers, which allows the ship to exceed a speed of 28 knots (55.6 kilometres per hour).
Queen Mary 2 drives by boat joystick, located in the captain's bridge. Boat looks like floating city rather ship.

Cabins description:
1310 cabins area 18 - 209 sq. m.
1017 cabins with view of ocean,
293 cabins without view of something ,
953 cabins with balconies,
30 cabins are equipped for the invalids.

Types of rooms:
Q1: two-floor-cabin of 209 sq. m. :On the second floor are located bedroom and private balcony; on the first floor is living room with sofa, coffee table, dining table and a desk, two marble bathrooms with jacuzzi and shower, toilet and bidet.
Q2, Q3: area of 111 sq. m. and 74 sq.m. : bedroom and living room, private balcony, marble bathroom with a jacuzzi and shower. Second bathroom with shower only.

There are :14 bars and 10 restaurants.
Sport, entertainment:
theater, cinema, library, casino, cigar room, nightclub, spa center, sauna, massage. 3 outdoor pool; 2 closed pool; 8 jacuzzi, a fitness center.

Additional services:
Self-service laundry.


  1. nice ship im hoping soon... that i will experience to ride in that ship

  2. Queen Mary 2 is not the largest ship in the world. Jahre Viking is the worlds largest ship ever built at 1504 feet long. Emma Mærsk as of 2008 the longest ship 1,300 ft still in use.


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